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It's the #countdown with 1 Day left until #countdown ! We are ready for an awesome experience at #countdown 2…

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24 May 2018

When artificial intelligence meets human stupidity

By:  Cherine Fahim, Founder and CEO, Endoxa Neuroscience From the US Government’s Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnology initative (BRAIN) to Google’s deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) project, Brain; from Facebook hiring neuroscientists to work…


Are Machines Taking Over The Space?

By Faye Flam People concerned about robots taking away jobs might want to consider where it’s already happened. Machines with varying levels of intelligence have quietly taken over the most glamorous,…


The Real Story of Who Invented Emoji

(Hint: They’re Ancient)   By: John Brownlee In 1969, the New York Times asked Vladimir Nabokov, the famous Russian-American author of Lolita and Pale Fire, how he would rank himself amongst all living and dead literary greats, He slyly…


MUST READ: How Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Hook Users

  Type the name of almost any successful consumer web company into your search bar and add the word “addict” after it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Try “Facebook addict” or…


Cloud Is Not a Digital Transformation Strategy (Unless You Are Amazon)

How did an online bookstore eat the cloud? In 2002, Jeff Bezos did an odd, remarkable thing. He applied an IT architecture (SOA) to the culture, processes, and organizational structure…


Internet of Everything: The IoT Market Is Projected to Expand 12x from 2017–2023

The exponential proliferation of IoT and how it may impact our future The $195 Billion IoT Market   The proliferation and ‘smartening’ of IoT-driven devices is projected to reach a market cap…