How virtual reality can make you better, smarter and fitter

Technologists have been predicting the widespread adoption of virtual reality (VR) for several decades now, but recent improvements in the technology and a drop in the retail cost of headsets have begun to move us towards a genuine tipping point. Investors, venture capitalists and tech enthusiasts are placing big bets on VR as one of […]

New approach to Cyber Security and Corporate Governance

Now that the business world’s attention has been grabbed by recent cyber security breaches such as those endured by TalkTalk, the NHS, the UK Parliament and further afield Equifax, it’s a good time to think about how we can move the business world onto a more assured footing to help it meet this evolving challenge. It is all the more […]

Why Apple’s Speciality Isn’t Hardware Or Software

There have been many negative opinions about Apple’s newest lines of products, ranging from the fact that many of the features have been in phones for years, they aren’t innovating enough, or that all their products are extremely overpriced. But I think these people are missing the point. Although they may all seem like mishaps […]