How Quantum Computing Works and Why It’s Important

By: Chris Lee    Computers have radically changed society. Shortly after the end of World War II, scientists were using computers to solve all sorts of problems. Progress was unbelievably fast. By the 1970s, the home computer was born. Yet for all that progress, some problems are still really hard. No matter how good computers […]

Centralized vs Decentralized — The Internet of the Past, Present and Future

By: Ryan Shea Co-founder of Blockstack The internet of the future is still unwritten. There are warning signs it’s driving towards further centralization, and flickers of hope that a new wave of decentralization is about to take hold. How will we know which version of the future we’re headed towards? Is one destined to win? Initial […]

How Often You Should Post on Social Media, According to 10 Studies

By Dakota ShaneCo-founder, Arctiphi@DakotaShane_Nun There’s a lot of debate when it comes to recommended frequency for social media publishing. Here’s what the data has to say about it. When it comes to determining the optimal frequency for posting on social media, even the industry giants can’t seem to be able to come to a consensus. One publication […]

The One Skill that will Stop you from Being Replaced By Robots

The single most important skill you will ever learn is in itself an oxymoron. It is dependent on your ability to vanquish procrastination and achieve something today with view to tackling the unknown that comes tomorrow. As I’ve written previously it requires the drive to tackle the modern world head on: doing nothing has never been […]