3 Ways to Drive More Traffic with More Topics

Entrepreneurs don’t wait for an opportunity to knock on their doors, they build the doors.”

Apparently, you want more leads and prospects to discover your business. How then do you create these amazing opportunity? Stay with us on this post!


* A solopreneur with a successful, independent practice:

  • You close deals based on your personal network, but it can only grow so much.
  • You need content so you can acquire new business without having to meet new people.


* A founder of a growing three-person team:

  • You and your teammates publish blog posts occasionally.
  • You could use more traffic, as your product deserves more awareness & attention.

You know for a fact that more traffic means more business. With traffic, you get more leads. And some of that traffic will convert to sales.



For you to get website traffic, you have to be targeting different audiences. These are the people that have a need for what you’re offering. Your leads and potential customers.

If you segment your target market, the classification normally falls under these 4 categories:

  • Geographic – people in a specific area.
  • Demographics – age, gender, race, family, nationality.
  • Psychographic – interests and personality.
  • Behavioral – how people behave.

Here’s a video about ways to learn more about your target audience:

Your content drives traffic to your site. With valuable content, you provide answers to what people are asking about. Your site becomes a source of relevant information. Your site is their go-to.

Good content can attract these types of audiences:

  • Those that connects your content to your product or service.
  • Those that avail of your product or service because of your content.


Here are different types of stories you can write about in your content:

– Talk about your case studies.

Tell people how good your business or product is through case studies. Testimonials are good but showing real-life examples of how you went about solving a particular problem can go a long way. It’s how you accomplished a goal.

Using case studies, you now only show how you went about the process of doing things. You also highlight your success.

Here are 9 awesome digital marketing case studies in B2B.

– Talk about industry successes

Michael Gerber of the E-Myth loves to talk about McDonald’s. He cites the greatest example of such a “systems business” is McDonald’s. They create the same experience and are run the same way around the world even if you love it or hate it. They are a fantastic example of a business that runs on systems.

It’s a perfect example of talking about industry success. You don’t only talk about your success, but other people as well. People love success stories, no matter how small. Every business has their share of success stories. Even you. Write about them, share them and be proud!

– Talk about your personal anecdotes

These anecdotes may not directly connect to your business. A way for the readers to have something to ponder about. A means to grab attention, to be quirky and memorable in the process.

By using relatable anecdotes in your writing, you can heighten the understanding and empathy of your readers. When that happens, they are likely to agree with it. Focus on the moral of the story and how you can connect the lessons to what you’re selling.


Your product or service may have 40 different features. That’s good! Don’t just list your features. Instead, tell customers about their benefits through your content.

Create at least one article about them. Create multiple how-to types of content that relate to each feature.

In Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days:

The founder of the late founder of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, and Guerrilla Marketing expert, Al Lautenslager, offer a dynamic marketing blueprint to help business owners attract more customers and maximize profits. In this edited excerpt, the authors explain the importance of identifying the benefits, not the features, of your products and why marketing those benefits will help you increase your sales.

Exactly what you should be doing with all your different features!

Now, it’s over to you!

The door of opportunity had already been opened for you. You’ve made it as an entrepreneur. No point in wasting time. Focus on growing your business instead!

Choose one of the three ways! Choose all three if you must. They are your blueprint but the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating topics for your website.

Have you started writing those great content yet? What are your thoughts on this post? Share with us in the comment section.

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