In this post, Adeyemi Muize Babatunde shares what he learnt from Google’s Digital Skills Africa (DSA) Training, facilitated by Konverge Media.

“Digital Marketing is an important aspect of sales and marketing; as it helps you reach out to your specific target audience.

Do you know you can earn a digital marketing (or digital skills) certificate from Google for FREE? In the duration of three to five hours daily, you can benefit from Google’s Digital Skills for Africa. It offers the online marketing fundamentals and free certification that will help you learn key concepts associated with digital marketing. You will get a basic understanding of how digital marketing framework helps to identify the most effective marketing channels for an organization’s products or services including website, mobile devices, and social media.

The following steps are the simple ways to earn a Digital Skills Certificate from Google and benefit fully from it.

1) Building Interest: Online marketing moves at the speed of light. To get certified by Google,  you need a strong foundation, passion and interest. It will afford you the ability to think critically, act independently, and be creative. There are a lot of guides provided on online marketing; starting from textbooks to online video tutorials, and webinars.

2) Effective Planning: There are varieties of social media depending on what you want to invest in or dwell into, but each platform provides a chance to build a fully functioning community. Whether you use a website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the more professional Linkedin; there is a social media platform to suit every group. To benefit fully from your Google certificate, plan which social media platforms you’d be on, to use for digital marketing execution.

3) Keeping Up-to-date: It wouldn’t do you good not to be consistent in the digital world. Your certification will be useless if you aren’t updated on trends on digital media. You need to be current by following major digital marketing sites and influential digital marketing strategist on social media platforms.

To accompany the four P’s of classical (or traditional) marketing, digital marketers do well to instil the digital four C’s; conversation, collaboration, culture and compensation. Surround yourself with talented people as they will be your ongoing support network and help to open doors to opportunities you might not have otherwise found. For a start, engage yourself as a digital marketing intern, and/or working with nongovernmental organization (NGOs) in order to gather wealth of experience.

4) Set-up A Solid Online Presence: Invariably, authenticity and personal branding underlies much of what’s successful on the web. You need to set up ypur social media accounts to be solid. Position yourself as an authority in the industry. You could post photos of your products (if you have), offer special deals (samples or freebies) and really connect with your customers which makes more people become aware of you, and eventually turn your visitors into paying customers because of your commitment and professionalism.

Your email address should be professional and unique. For example, if your email address is from one of the free web-based email systems like Google’s Gmail (, it looks like your business is less established or professional. It is best for your brand to use a proper business email address, such as

5) Curate Amazing and Engaging Content: Getting trained and certified amounts to nothing if you don’t dish out good content. Creating relevant content requires you to understand your customers and their needs. Steps to create unique content include uploading valuable posts consistently and working on new content; be relevant with your posts knowing fully that your contents are for your customers; also consider simplicity, meaning the contents must be short, concise, and easy to share.

Follow the way content marketing is evolving. Videos and webinars are the hot cakes now. Webinars are basically seminars that take place online. They have the power to increase your brand and engage your customers. Any company that provides expertise in an area can benefit from hosting a webinar. Webinars allow beginners and expertise in digital marketing to see and interact with leading experts on areas not clear to them. Therefore, making it possible for beginners to attend online tutorials in digital marketing.

Applying all these tips given above will ensure you benefit fully from the Google certification. You will be glad you followed these steps.”

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