The month of August, Google Africa engaged in a thirty day Google Digital Skills challenge. The concept for the challenge was to encourage small and medium businesses in Nigeria to utilize Google’s large resource of digital product. As more people spend more time online, businesses are making an effort to increase their online presence and take solutions to where their customers are.

We followed the challenge and here are our unique titbits to all of the actions we were asked to do.


DAY 1: 

How excited are you?

Our first task for the challenge is- Create a visual representation of your business or career goals and share them with #30DaysOfDigitalSkills and #GoogleDigitalSkills. #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 2:

Our task today is – Create a post identifying your top three unique selling
points. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

Our Unique Selling Point 

          At RockSpace

  • We provide the cheapest rate for freelancers to work and learn

  • All subscribers get the latest tech & business opportunities 

  • Our subscribers meet with the tech & business community with our monthly #happyhourfriday


DAY 3: 

Today, our task is to sign up on and take the first 4 lessons on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. 

#GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

We took the first 4 lessons of 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. 

  1. Customers can learn a lot about RockSpace on our website.

  2. Have specific goals to reach online 

  3. To reach our goals, it is important to measure our goals through Google Analytics

  4. Google My Business is a great way for customers to find your business


DAY 4:

Our task is- Create an audience persona for your target audience. Reply by filling out the template we have created in the comments below. 

#GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 5:

It’s week 2 of #30DaysofDigitalSkills.

Today we want you to create a social media content calendar for your business or brand page. If a month feels too long, create one for a week. Need help? Head over to Instagram & check out our stories.

#GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 6:
Did you know your business profile appears when people are searching for your business or businesses similar to yours on Google Search or Maps?
Today’s task aims to create visibility for your business. Get your business registered on Google My Business.


DAY 7:

A CV is often the first impression you get to make with prospective employers, so it’s critical it makes a mark.

With today’s task, our goal is to help your story come across as clearly and persuasively as possible.

Need some tips on creating a great CV?

Check out this link. >>

#GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

Things a great CV should contain;

  • contact information
  • summary section
  • work experience
  • Job roles & achievement

P.S -Always share the most recent version of your CV

DAY 8:

Did you know having an email signature gives you the opportunity to create a brand recognition for yourself every time you send out an email?

Our task today is – Create a signature for your email address and comment done. 

Need some help? Check out this link >>

#GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle



DAY 9:

Keywords & hashtags go hand in hand in boosting your search results. 

Do a keyword or hashtag search for your pages. Tell us 5 keywords or hashtags you’ve learned and will start using down below. 👇🏽

#GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 10:

Today’s task is to boost our creativity. Create a unique post for your social media profile that you’ve never done before. Tag us and use #30DaysOfDigitalSkills #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 11:

 Share a review of the first 2 weeks of #30DigitalSkills  in the comment section. 




14 Days on – What we learned!

Day 10: Create  a unique social media post

Day 9: Search  keywords and hashtags related to our field

Day 8: Create a unique email signature 

Day 7: Update a CV

Day 6: Search  Business on GoogleMyBusiness

Day 5: Create a social Media Calendar

Day 4:

Day 3:

Day 2:

Day 1:

DAY 12:

We’re starting week 3 of #30DaysOfDigitalSkills with something different, a pop quiz.  Vivian has decided to run some ads to promote her fashion business located in Kenya.

She’s keen to take her vintage clothing business global and wants to reach a wider audience, so which groups should her advertisements be targeted at?

  1. Everyone, Ages 25- 36, Interested in fashion, Located in Nairobi
  2. Women, Ages 18 – 40, Interested in Style and fashion, Located in Nigeria 
  3. Men, Ages 30-34, Interested in fitness, Located in South Africa


Option A

  1. Everyone, Ages 25- 36, Interested in fashion, Located in Nairo


We strongly believe Vivian should target ads to a unique persona. Her ads should target people that look like her present customers. 


Starting from a local perspective she can take her audience globally. 


DAY 13:

Watch our videos on “Building confidence with self-promotion “at and drop a comment on your key takeaway.

Check out the link>>


Building Confidence with Self-promotion

Self-promotion isn’t bragging or boasting. It is actively taking deliberate steps to reach people in theorganizations you want to work in.

Only 10% of people who apply for a job get an interview


DAY 14:

Retweet your favourite Google Digital Skills past and tell us why you like the post. it could be the picture, video, or what you have learned from it. #GrowWithGoogle #GoogleDigitalSkills

DAY 15:

Search for skills you need to get your dream job/business opportunities on Google Search. Tell us the most important one. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


We want to be a Digital RockStar!


DAY 16

Watch a @YouTube videos about something that interest you. Tag your favourite YouTube content creator.

#GrowWithGoogle #GoogleDigitalSkills



DAY 18

Test your website speed here

Sites with a longer load time end to have a higher bounce rate and have also been shown to negatively affect conversions. Tell us what your website speed? #GoogleDigitalSkills

A website should be mobile responsive and fast. We checked the site speed of the following website. 2.2 seconds on a 4G network (our website loads faster than 50% of the web)

Use this site to test your site and tell us what you think. #TestMySite

DAY 19:

Improving your time management allows you to allow you to enhance your performance and achieve your goals with less efforts. Create a schedule for the rest of the month using a digital calendar like Google Calendar

#GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 20

Tag a social media account that inspires you and tell us why they inspire you #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

A social media account that we absolutely love is GOOGLE FOR EDU

DAY 21:

Download an e-book/ or listen to a podcast. Tell us what you’re reading/listening to. Some podcast suggestions-Google Partners, Talks at Google, Women Will, Podcast Series. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

Our favourite podcast series is the Women Will Lead Podcast by Google. The lead project series provides true life series from women leaders who share their leadership journeys , career paths and personal growth.

Focusing on themes of self-evolution with practical tips and insights, this series is designed to share actionable ideas on how women can start to be more successful in their careers and become the leaders of tomorrow.

you can listen to the podcast HERE

DAY 22:

Learn about SEO and write out a comment of what you learned in this post. 

SEO in Digital Optimization is the process of making a web page easy to find, easy to crawl. It is about helping your customers find your business from among other businesses

DAY 23:

Find out how to say hello in 7 African languages using Google translate. Comment below with the languages you learned. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

Burkina Faso: Bonjour

Cameroon: Bonjour

Malawi: Moni

Senegal: Bonjour

Sierra Leone: Sawubona

Swaziland: Sawubona

DAY 24:

Send a three-question survey to your team, clients or people you trust to get information on how you can do better. Did you get some feedback? Let us know below. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

DAY 25:

Take a course on Effective Networking on here >> Did you find it helpful? Tell us why. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

Effective Networking 

The Aim of networking is to:

  • meet like-minded people

  • share information

  • seek new opportunities

DAY 26

We are starting off the last week on #30DaysOfDigitalSkills with a little #MondayMotivation. Share your proudest/favourite career moment, success story or client feedback with us in the comments, or on your page. Be sure to tag us. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 27

This is Nicolas. Nicolas works at a start-up, where people particularly appreciate dynamic presentations. He has an important presentation coming up next week, and he needs our help. He’s worried his presentation style is too boring. What advice could help him engage his audience?

Pick the answer you think is correct from the poll below

What advice could help him engage his audience?

  • 1.)  Go into a lot of detail
  • 2.) Work hard on his opening
  • 3.) Use storytelling

The best way for him to present his presentation is by using Storytelling. Storytelling is the process of using fact and narrative to communicate to your audience.Storytelling  helps in solidifying abstracts concepts and simplify complex messages which won’t make his presentation boring and it would encourage his audience to engage because everyone likes storytelling. He  should note that a good storytelling must be entertaining, educational, relatable to all, organized and memorable.

DAY 28:

Watch this video and visit YouTube creator academy here >> to learn more about how the algorithms work on YouTube.

Comment the most interesting thing you’ve learned from it. #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

How YouTube Works?

Youtube uses various factors like Video title,thumbnail,description,likes,comments,hours watched and more to determine what to show their users

DAY 29:

Take our course on public speaking here –  What was the most important thing you learned? #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle


DAY 30:

It’s #Day30. The final day of #30DaysOfDigitalSkills 🙌🏾 Today, we want you to learn about AI and share what you’ve learned with us in the comments. How do you think AI can help businesses? #GoogleDigitalSkills #GrowWithGoogle

AI can help  to increase business productivity. AI can help  business owners analyze customer feedback from those communication channels and then automatically adjust marketing and lead generation activities based on that information.

We have come to the end of the challenge.  You can still follow the challenge HERE.

Take the digital skills training HERE