Online Hub NG registered with CAC as Online Hub Educational Services is Nigeria’s foremost Digital Content Platform. We empower techies & provide courses & workshops to: educate & encourage professionals in the tech based industry.

Our mission is to help organizations & clients thrive online because we believe that every business in Nigeria should have an online hub. If you create an online hub for your business, an online space where you manage the look and substance of that space, you can maintain it and manage it to respond to any changes to computed analytics, algorithms or human fads.

We specialise in content strategy which encompasses all visible aspects of your website and how you choose to syndicate that content across appropriate content channels for your brand.  We’re an experienced online marketer with expertise in SEO, Online Advertising, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other more specialised online and mobile platforms.

We work with small, medium and large organizations or autonomous product groups within larger organizations. Our projects includes: Strategy Development and Execution, Digital Content Development, Digital Skills Consultation, Training and Mentoring.

At Online Hub Education Services, we look forward to helping you thrive online!