Why Apple’s Speciality Isn’t Hardware Or Software

There have been many negative opinions about Apple’s newest lines of products, ranging from the fact that many of the features have been in phones for years, they aren’t innovating enough, or that all their products are extremely overpriced.

But I think these people are missing the point.

Although they may all seem like mishaps and mistakes on Apple’s side, it may just be that these things are their strategy.

Apple has undoubtedly moved on from a small company changing the world to one of the large behemoths of tech. As such, they need to work much harder to keep up their persona of being cool and trendy.

That isn’t possible if they market themselves as a company of inclusivity. If everyone had an iPhone, their perceived “cool factor” would go down. This is why Apple prices their products so high all the time. Being out of many people’s budgets, the iPhone X and Apple’s new line of flagship products will induce a lot of envy from those who don’t have it. iPhones are as much of a status symbol as they are a utility.

Beyond that, one of Apple’s greatest strengths is in its operating system. iOS is exclusive, a closed system, only for iPhone owners, compared to Android, inclusive, open-source and for any phone that chooses to use it. And even though Android is the most used phone OS in the world, it can be argued that it is also the most fragmented.

Where in iOS updates are enforced and regularly encouraged, on Android, there is extreme fragmentation between OS versions. And if people do not update their phones, it is extremely difficult for developers to use new hardware features if the software is still lagging behind.

To add to that, Apple has a well established ecosystem to promote new apps, and allow developers to use their latest hardware. It is no wonder that most companies create apps for iOS before Android.

Finally, with Apple’s release of CoreML and ARKit, it shows that they are creating a platform for AI and AR to easily be integrated into products and dispersed amongst the general public, and in the future, it might even be the leading platform for such services.

Developers should and will gravitate towards Apple when creating their AI and AR products and due to its reach and “cool factor”, perhaps even help usher in a widespread adoption of these products.

What people fail to see in Apple is that it isn’t a hardware company, or a software company, but a perfect mix of the two. Its distribution strategy ensures that it is a status symbol, with the highest quality apps for it’s customers, and the best development platform for it’s creators.

Apple’s speciality isn’t hardware or software, but their exclusivity

Without it, there is no way it would maintain the lead in the global industry, and whether we consumers like it or not, we wouldn’t get such high quality apps and services.

It’s easy to complain that Apple isn’t innovating enough, but the fact is, they are doing the best thing possible for their situation.

This is an article written by a teenage Apple fanboy, and thus, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that it isn’t biased in some way or the other. I appreciate any corrections you have to the information provided.




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