How To Deal With The Internet’s Social Construct

Below are five harmless dangers that I’ve fallen into because of Social media. Yelp.

1. Wants to delete the things one mentioned or posted.

*Don’t delete unless it has impact on your life or mood or whatever. It’s the same way you do stuff or say things- can you really delete them?

2. Wants to make feed look fresh and perfect.

*Perfection is the beginning of crash and burn. If you find yourself always trying to be perfect and then wanting to be realistic again. Quit. Just be yourself.

What would you be if the Internet shut down for an entire year?

3. I am afraid I am too deep. I am afraid I have given away too much.

*How many deep things have you done seriously?

4. This Internet reflects my life.

*In no way do you really go to Mombasa every day. You only went once. And plus a status and a profile picture- can it define you?

5. What will they think?

*Who? Isn’t this your account? Or how many administrators are here?


A. It’s just code. That’s how Facebook runs all of us. Like alien who feed data. So whatever happens there is not really a big deal? After all just like a Meme video and five seconds later Facebook suggests Meme pages for your perusal.

B. No one absolutely cares about what you like, or retweet or post. They just like it. Believe me sometimes I don’t read captions. Don’t waste your time writing a long one and wanting people to understand it. I stopped writing long captions online when I realised I was giving myself to profiles and not people. You are allowed to recite poems in the park, darling.

C. The way we’ve been told to work on our inner self is what’s gonna apply 20 years from now. Deconstruct the Internet you and the You, you- what’s your favorite? You find the Internet you is often pretense right? Like for example the iPhone is not really yours and you don’t really read the Economist.

You instead like cat videos (which you haven’t told anyone yet because the Internet will never have the full details of your life) and romance movies. Now be that you. The You that is you.

D. What would you be if the Internet shut down for an entire year?

E. If you have lived without Internet you know that life has always been the same. Now- live outside it. Get out of it.

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