It’s a civic engagement initiative created out of the need to constantly educate citizens, especially in our community of practice, on their civic responsibilities as well as enlightening them on happenings in the governance sphere. Citizens Corner forms the core of our e-governance campaign, allowing us to provide verified opinions of citizens, political candidates’ information, government policy status, project execution status etc.


+ Civic (Citizens/Governance) Education Infographics

+ Opinion Polls and Tracker

+ Tweet Chats

+ Radio Feature on Civic Education

+ Policy Analysis & Education

+ Civic Community Meetups

+ Fireside Chat


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One Student, One Skill

It is an initiative of Online Hub Educational Services, in line with the SDG Goal 4, targeted at empowering teenage (in-school and out-of-school) students (with special focus on the under-served communities) by organizing physical alternative classes which introduces them to relevant Computer-themed skills/topics helping them improve performance in their school curriculum, make them skilled and self-reliant in the Nigerian Eco-system as well as aid making informed career decisions after being exposed extensively to learning and relearning the new technological trends of this evolving digital age.

We identified and developed content around 5 basic Computer- themed Skills area:

+ Website Development

+ Mobile Application Development

+ Graphics Design

+ Photography

+ Applied Digital Skills

The delivery of each skill-area runs in modules over 13 weeks of Online and Offline Engagements which helps us raise 21st century professionals capable of building solutions and creating jobs for themselves.


+ Visit to Community of Practice/Open call for interest learners

+ Enrollment/ Screening

+ On-boarding

+ Training

+ Project work submission

+ Next Steps (includes matching up with opportunities)


The training modules developed for learners allows for progressive assessment of the learners as they go. A project work is allocated to each learner which is expected to gauge their receptiveness and knowledge level during the training period; this project work is submitted and graded after the 13 weeks cycle.


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The #TeachCS4Dev Project is a Professional Development Programme for teachers (especially Computer Science and other STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics] related subjects), aimed at delivering an advanced level training for CS/STEM Teachers within our Community of Practice (Southwest Nigeria) on the delivery of Computer Science Education; introducing them to Best Practices and Improved Content Delivery in various identified fields of Computer Science


To ensure the continuous Professional Development of STEM Teachers by delivering advanced level training that introduces them to the Best Practices and improved Delivery of the Computer Science subject. 


Over a yearlong Professional Development (PD) exercise (that comprises of Physical Facilitator and Interactive Learning sessions as well as online engagements, mock assessments for educators and learners), we engage STEM teachers in our Community of Practice (COP) by introducing them to new content delivery methods under identified fields/topics of Computer Science (CS). 

For adequate delivery of the CS Concepts in classrooms, we also focus on the inclusion of practical activities as it relates to the fields/topics being taught. Our primary objective is to ensure that the Professional Capacity of Teachers is improved as it relates to how they teach which directly affects how students perceive or understand CS Concepts. Our facilitation resources are targeted at helping educators possess set of knowledge and skill to understand how and when various tools best dupport their curricula


During every PD cycle, each teacher in the cohort is expected to pass down CS Concepts using the newly learnt delivery methods to their students; preceding this delivery period, mock examinations are administered to their students to measure their performance level and perception of CS Concepts.

In the same light, mock examinations are again administered to the students after the stipulated delivery periods by the teachers.

Our evaluation process involves a holistic review of the performance of the students as well as the measure of confidence and professional development of the teachers. 


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Africa Code Week is instilling digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation, working closely with private, public and non-profit partners to drive sustainable learning impact across Africa.

Africa Code Week introduced in 2015 by SAP CSR EMEA has introduced digital skills to more than 1.8 million children across 35 countries and aims to empower 70,000 teachers while impacting the lives of 2 million youth by 2020.



As an aside to this event, #Techaholics — a monthly tech talk meet-up event in the city of Abeokuta to get young, creative and savvy techpreneurs mentored by guru’s in the digital space would be launched on that day. This is @OnlineHuNG’s way of giving back to the Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.



The #TechPreneursHangOut is an annual convergence for coders, developers, programmers, graphics designers, creative curators, content writers, illustrators, digital enthusiasts, bloggers, social media handlers and tech policy makers in and around the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State and Nigeria as a whole to innovate, collaborate and explore new frontiers in this digital-driven emerging economy.



#SMWTechaholics a tech talk speakeasy event to get young, creative and savvy techpreneurs mentored by gurus in the evolving digital space. Techaholics event, hosted by @OnlineHubNG, follow a roundtable session format where industry influencers and thought leaders are asked questions revolving around the tech community in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the World.