Google Hacks and Tricks

Did you know that by searching for certain keywords and phrases in Google you can make it do tricks? Here are 7 fun hacks that you can try on Google right away.

Trick 1 – Barrel Roll
Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and hit enter or click search, and watch it roll!
Trick 2 – Google Askew Trick
Type ‘Askew’ and hit enter or click search.
Trick 3 – Google Gravity
Type in ‘Google gravity’ then click I’m Feeling Lucky. Watch it drop!
Trick 4 – Zerg Rush
Search for ‘Zerg Rush’ and hit Enter.
Trick 5 – Sphere
Type in ‘Google sphere’ and hit I’m Feeling Lucky. Then move your mouse around to make it spin!
Trick 6 – Breakout
Search for ‘Atari Breakout’ then click Images on the results page. Then use the arrow keys or your mouse to keep the ball in play!
Trick 7 – Google Pacman
Type ‘Google Pacman’ and hit I’m Feeling Lucky. Then click Insert Coin and you’re playing Pacman! Eat all of the circles and avoid the ghosts.
Trick 8 – Flip a Coin
Need to make an instant decision but not sure which way to go? Ask Google to “flip a coin” and it’s done.
Trick 9 – Play Solitaire
Alone and bored? Kill some time by playing everybody’s favorite one-player game, Solitaire. Simply search “solitaire”. You can change the difficulty if you’re a novice or an expert.

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