How to Fuel your Hustle with Google

Fisayo is a Fashion Designer creating statement attires using Ankara textiles & eco-friendly materials. She is passionate about recycling and climate change and she tries to portray this in her designs. She gets a Google Alert, a company, Exco Nigeria thinks her brand has great potentials and calls her for a presentation.

Fisayo is quickly working it out, she has barely 24 hours to deliver a top-notch pitch. Let’s see how Google help her deliver clinch this deal; the company is particularly interested in how she seeks to make profit in the competitive fashion market while encouraging environmental and social sustainability through her designs.

It is Wednesday morning, the first thing she checks is Google calendar where all her inventories for the day is displayed. “You have a meeting by 9am at with Exco Nigeria”, it tells her.

A preview of Google calendar

Google map helps her locate the walking distance from her home to the Exco Nigeria and suggest the fastest route to her destination. She finds that her laptop is down, but thanks to Google Drive her presentation has been auto-saved and she can access it from her phone.

She also made a spreadsheet showing her operating capital and funding required to scale.

This presentation has to be top-notch and Fisayo wants to look her best, so she types on Google Search, “best attire to wear for an interview….”

A Google Search Preview

She sees a collection of styles and she chooses one that looks good. Finally, she’s ready or not –  One more thing left, she has no idea about the company she’s presenting at so she uses Google Assistant to ask “what does Exco Nigeria do?” and Google search does that job seamlessly.  

Who wins the deal other than Fisayo! The clients are impressed at her coordination and ability to sync in all her ideas effortlessly. She gets the deal!

Google Nigeria has expanded to fit even more specialized product for the Nigerian market. Our personal favourite tool still remains YouTube, the number one search engine for videos. In recent years YouTube has broadened to include an inbox, perfect sync with WhatsApp, and YouTube Go.

Fisayo needed to showcase videos of her designers at work, which she uploaded to her YouTube Channel, YouTube Go allows her to view these videos on a slower network.

Introducing Google for jobs, a search engine powered by Google. Google for Jobs uses advanced Google tools to help job seekers find positions closely matching their preferences. If your searching for the right job for your skill set, look no further than Google for jobs. Learn how to use Google for jobs.

So whatever your hustle is, you can find just the right products to flame what you do.

Use Google Adwords to reach audiences who need the products or services you offer.
Use GMail to make communication with your team easier.
Use Google Adsense to make money through displayed add on your site.
Use Google Analytics to track your audience behavior and demographics.
Use Google Keep to jot down ideas and access them from anywhere.

We’d like to know how Google tools help you accomplish your business goals. Do you have one moment where a Google product came through for you, tell us all about it, tweet your Google moment @OnlineHubNG using the hashtags #MyGoogleMoment #FuelYourHustle #GoogleMyBusiness #GoogleNigeria

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