How To Make Tech To Work In Nigerian Schools

Most of the schools in the country are pushing towards the fourth industrial revolution which is the introduction of technology related subjects to schools in a bid to achieve this we have seen several organizations like Online Hub Educational Services reaching out to these schools to train the students and educators in these aspects. 

These organizations have been able to train these population focused on but they have areas hindering them to be able to practice what has been learnt from the programs that have been organized for them.

The following are the things to put in place to make Technology work;


1.) Infrastructure:

Schools need Technical Infrastructure to support both online and offline access to digital resources. That physical infrastructure needs to managed and properly maintained. For this, proper planning is needed: hardware tends to be the last priority for schools when they have many other financial needs. A sustainable financial plan for hardware maintenance is crucial in the introduction of any technology in schools.

Data costs are another major concern. Software, related applications and learning content needs to be available offline so that pupils can keep working beyond the school premises.


2. Teacher Training and Support:

This is not a once off process – it must be continuous. But as it stands, many of the teachers in the education system received very few or no technology infused learning experiences while they were studying.

And, crucially, introducing more educational technology is about more than the addition of a piece of hardware or software. It also means introducing novel approaches to teaching and learning. Universities that train teachers need to be cognisant of this.


3. Safety and Security:

The use of high-end technology within and beyond schools not only affects teachers and learners but also affects communities in which the schools are based. In a highly unequal society, crime becomes a challenge for schools, teachers and learners who have to make use of such technologies. Any introduction of technology must be accompanied by a sustainable security plan.

This is not to say that technology doesn’t belong in schools. On the contrary, the renewed focus on introducing technology to schools should be celebrated. But it also requires a review of the country’s existing technology in education policies and a sustainable plan to ensure that no child is deprived of a skill that is no longer a luxury.

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