How to Use Google Classroom Tool in Classrooms

Google Classroom is a set of google tools that all combine to provide specific functionalities needed to make learning, teaching and understanding concepts more efficient and effective in today’s present day classroom. Google classroom Is a learning management system.

A Learning management system or LMS is a course management system. It includes features like lesson materials, quizzes for self-assessment, project tracking, and learner feedback.

If you have never heard of google classroom or if you have been a regular user, this tutorial will teach you tricks and tips of using Google Classroom to be a more effective educator.  With these laid out steps, you will learn to create a class, manage your students and schedule a class calendar. Which is sharable with your students, let’s dive in.

Step 1: Sign into your Google Classroom Account

This screen pops up when you select Google classroom from Google Tools

On the right top corner, search for the icon that bears all google tools, select google classroom. Or visit

Step 2: Create or Join a Class

Google Policies prompt that appears when you create a class

Click the plus sign at the top bar corner on the right, an image pops up prompting you to agree to some google classroom policies.  Class title should bear the name of your class, example:

Class: web design

Subject: Computer science

Session: 1st Term

The enter key prompts you to three sections of Google classroom

Classwork : where you can organize assignments and topics and questions for your class

Stream: Communicate with your class with stream.  Create a broadcast message like what you’d do in a Whatsapp, As a teacher, you might want to announce a new quiz ahead of time to simply schedule it so you can get a reminder when it’s time, do not leave this to chance. Also you can draw your students in by responding to their questions on a general basis

People: organize with your class and add students mail.  You can manage the people that are part of your class on the people page, including other educators and students.

Step 3: Create an Announcement

Google stream session helps you broadcast your message to an entire class

At the Google stream section click the white plus button, create a new announcement:

 “ I’m excited to start Exploring Computer Science Class with you. This course will span over 6 weeks and consists of 6 units”

Step 4: Create a Classwork

A classwork page looks like this

The classwork function is an efficient way to organize your class, even before the start of a school session, no more relying on a paper document that could get missing or pictures you lose, all classwork are saved in your drive and you can access them from anywhere and at anytime.

Use classwork to create an assignment and send instantly to students, organize modules which you can group topics. Include due dates to assignments and score points if necessary.

Add each assignment and questions inside every topic or theme for proper ordering, limit the number of words and send these immediately to all your student emails.

See how many students who have turned their work in with the time in which they turned it. Grade directly in the classwork section.

Step 5: Create a Class Calendar

See all your class schedule for a month on Google Calendar

In your classwork page you can also create a class schedule showing the date and time for all your classes in a term, session or month

Click on the top right button on your classwork date, you are directed to your google calendar. Click on a specific day and create an event with a stipulated start and finish time. students can see what is coming up and get notifications for each class beforehand.

Step 6: Invite Students to Your Class

Create an Email list and invite all your students at once

Adding a person to your class gives them access to see your announcements, quiz, class calendar and course work for each class. Create a special code with which students can use to get added to a class


Click the invite student button, type in a name or email, create an entire email list and add all your students at once.


The settings page allows you regulate how you organize your classes

Edit the settings of your class, change your class name, display your class code, or disable your class code. You can limit access to a class so that only teachers can post, this is a great way to streamline the contents of your class room stream


Click on the upper left corner of the google classroom again you’ll find the following

  1. Classes: this is the first page you’ll see when you log into your google classroom, this is similar to what your students will see. If 5 teachers have all created a class on Google classroom, your student will be able to see all classes and visit the classwork. In the class page, you can:

*Copy a course, all contents in a course will remain intact without the email of your students

*Archive a course, a class you no longer need or teach

 2.Calendar: See all the courses you have created or you are invited in

Lastly you can upload an image from your computer to be the banner of your course, click on the select theme button at the top right corner of a class when you open it. With all of these, your job as a great educator more efficient, have fun teaching!

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