Marketing Without Data is Like Driving With a Closed Eyes

Data is an integral part of any long term marketing strategy. There is no more relying on your gut to make decisions. Data is no longer for the nerds, it is for you and I, the everyday business owner, everyday marketer. There is no more passing the buck to the intern, you have to be able to pull and analyze data in order to improve your marketing.

Set up your marketing to track your success of revenue and customers. Use this data to increase your sales and improve your marketing. Save time and money by knowing what is working and what is not working.

Research is essential in any aspect of a business. You can’t start a business without learning about its in’s and out’s. You need ample time to do your research properly and gather all the necessary data to ensure success.

The same goes with marketing your business. How can you expect to effectively do marketing when you haven’t gathered all the necessary data? It’s just like what Dan Zarrella said, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

We need to take time to know your goals, the roads you need to take, the resources you would need, and the execution in order to ensure the success of your marketing efforts. Also, we need to see the roads and know where you’re headed to get to your destination successfully. That’s how important data is in marketing.

Next time you plan for your business’ marketing strategies, do the research first. Gather as much data as you need. This will help you plan out the best strategies and will ensure success. The bottom line is that you can not see where to drive the company without data.

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