One Student, One Skill

The #OneStudentOneSkill project is targeted at empowering teenage (in-school and out-of school) students (with special focus on the under-served communities) by organising physical alternative classes which introduces them to relevant Computer-themed skills/topics helping them improve performance in their school curriculum, make them skilled and self-reliant in the Nigerian eco-system as well as aid making informed career decisions after being exposed extensively to learning and relearning the new technological trends of this  evolving digital age.

This initiative seeks to improve teenage students to become skilled and self-reliant by engaging them in identified skill areas to raise 21st-century professionals capable of building solutions. We identified and developed 5 basic Computer-themed Skills area:

  1. Website Development
  2. Mobile App Dev.
  3. Graphics Design
  4. Photography
  5. Applied Digital Skills
The delivery of each skill-area runs in modules over 13 weeks of Online and Offline Engagements which helps us raise 21st century professionals capable of building solutions and creating jobs for themselves.

Cycle Process

  • Visit to Community of
  • Practice/Open call for interest learners
  •  Enrollment/ Screening
  • On-boarding
  • Training
  •  Project work submission
  • Next Steps (includes matching up with opportunities)


The training modules developed for learners allows for progressive assessment of the learners as they go. A project work is allocated to each learner which is expected to gauge their receptiveness and knowledge level during the training period; this project work is submitted and graded after the 13 weeks cycle.