The Scratch Education Collaborative - for Online Hub Educational Services in Ogun State, Nigeria (Cohort 2 - 2022-2024 Partner Organization) from Scratch Foundation.

The Family Bonding Flashcard

This “Family Bonding Flashcard,” is a resource created to provide parents and children with a visual and interactive way to learn about Scratch programming. Implementation of the ECCR – Equitable Creative Coding Resource will include utilizing the “Family Bonding Flashcard to improve the teaching and learning of Scratch Programming Language lessons through delivery to classrooms in Online Hub Educational Services’ local Community of Practice. 

Through this initiative, Scratch will be introduced to the 1,500 students (50 students per school) in 30 public secondary schools of Ogun State – Nigeria, and then the use of Family Bonding Flashcards will help their learning process by engaging the support of parents or guardians at home.

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Learn how to code and make a project in SCRATCH that encourages family bonding activities. This is now possible with our Scratch ‘Family Bonding Flashcard’. Join to use via: All you have to do is sign in and enter your username & password. Enjoy!

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