The #TeachCS4Dev PD project (Teach Computer Science for Development) by @OnlineHubNG; is focused on classroom delivery, with emphasis on bridging the practical and computational needs for CS educators to cover specific and core aspects of Computer Science which includes: Robotics, Coding & Designs, Networks & Internet, Data Processing and Analysis.

For the year 2019/2020 cycle, our programme approach is strictly practical oriented; with the emphasis on bridging the applied and computational needs based on findings, surveys & feedbacks from the Educators during the previous PD year, the demand for a more practical and computational thinking based PD curriculum is very high.

We believe these core areas not only improves the knowledge of the educators but also equips them with highly developed CS skills and learned knowledge to be utilized in solving problems.

As part of our core training modules, we would engage the CS educators with improved content delivery processes that fosters interactive learning and conduct meaningful evaluations that offer constructive feedbacks and suggestions to them.

Also, leveraging on our existing partnership with relevant stakeholders in the education sector within our regional COP, we recommend the improvement of learning facilities to aid delivery to their learners.

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