Thousands Gather In Lagos for #SMWTechaholics To Discuss The Future Of Work, Social Media And Technology by @OnlineHubNG

OnlineHubNG Partners with Social Media Week Lagos to Presents Social Media & Jobs: Rethinking The Future of Work for Young People!

The SMW Lagos 2019 theme “STORIES: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility” will explore the power in the stories we tell, and how as content creators, policymakers, brands, journalists and citizens we can influence our community, customers, audience and constituents for the greater good.

The conversation will bring together a diversity of perspectives to discuss the most productive ways to harness our collective influence to drive African innovation, improve consumer experiences and bring people together.

Informed by the theme, Social Media & Jobs: Rethinking The Future of Work for Young People will discuss:

  • How thought leaders have fared in their journey so far leveraging on social media
  • How young people can use social media to learn and grow
  • Case studies of employees and employers using social media for change and business
  • Challenges and opportunities (automation, globalization and flexibility) and how we can thrive in the new landscape of work.
  • Non-linearity of rising digital/tech jobs in the market and how young people can be more perceptible to multiple job roles.

OnlineHubNG’s #SMWTechaholics session is part of the larger Social Media Week conference hosted in 12 cities around the world which will take place on Wednesday, 6th February 2019, 9:30 – 10:30am.

Social Media Week Lagos (#SMWLagos) produced by AFRIKA21 returns to Lagos, Nigeria for its 7th edition from February 4th – 8th, 2019; The first African city to host the annual event, till date over 35,000 people have participated in #SMWLagos.

Social Media & Jobs: Rethinking The Future of Work for Young People will be held at the SMW Lagos Campus located at Landmark Center, a state of the art event space in Lagos, Nigeria. OnlineHubNG #SMWTechaholics Session will join over 100 other panel discussions, masterclasses, digital installations, experiential talks, and networking sessions exploring a wide range of topics including business, entertainment, education, technology and politics. #SMWTechaholics is open to the public.

To learn more about #SMWLagos2019 and register to attend visit

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Social Media Week, now in its 10th year, is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. SMW’s mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information.

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