Tips For Learning From Home

The majority of learners are used to studying at home but learning from home is a completely new thing. It might be difficult to learn from home because you might be alone, there will be fewer social interaction unlike when you are in a classroom.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your sanity, and have successful remote learning.

1. Set-up a Workspace in your Home: The first step of learning from home is to set up a workplace. A place that can only be used for work so that when you are there, you will know you are working/learning.

2. Create and maintain a routine: It is very helpful if you plan your day and maintain your routines. Creating routines will help you know what is happening and what will happen next. Set daily and weekly goals so that at the end of the day or week, you can celebrate your progress.

3. Take Notes While Learning: Taking notes while learning online will help you in reviewing later.

4. Take a break: You need to take a break when learning. Make sure you have regular breaks for relaxing, eating, exercising. When you are struggling with a problem, try to stop and do something.

5. Praise yourself: Learning at home is not easy with all the distractions. So, reassure yourself that you are doing a good job! Celebrate your wins.

6. Stay connected and Maintain Social Contacts: You must try to stay connected with family, classmates, friends. Make sure you call them through phone calls or video calls.

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