How To Use Trello As A Teacher

Teachers have a lot to manage from class schedules, lesson plans, materials, students, just to name a few. Keeping track of all these can be daunting, but there are a few ways to help teachers stay organized by using Trello.   General To-Do List A common use case for Trello is keeping track of all […]

Google Hacks and Tricks

Did you know that by searching for certain keywords and phrases in Google you can make it do tricks? Here are 7 fun hacks that you can try on Google right away. Trick 1 – Barrel Roll Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and hit enter or click search, and watch it roll! Trick 2 – […]

5 Emerging Industries For Young People In Entrepreneurship

The world is taking giant technological shifts, which is the center stage in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, in the modern world, isn’t as hard as it was before the 20th century. There are many ideas to brainstorm, and resources are everywhere. So, if you’ve ever thought of owning a business, don’t shy from taking a leap. However, […]

Academic Search Engines for Educators & Learners

In case you haven’t come across these search engines before, we decided to compile what we believe are some of the best academic search engines for teachers and research students. Specific niche contents are not always available through normal search engines. For example, while running a search query about an academic topic through google or […]

10 Educational Google Apps for Android Users

Thanks to Google, we don’t have to have access to our laptops to perform some specific function or carry out some activities due to the introduction of some of their application. We created a list of 10 educational google apps for android users you might want to try out. Some of the things you can […]

Digital Tools To Engage Students

  In this era, technology is literally everywhere and learners adapt to it more than anyone else and it is absolutely natural to use technology in every aspect of their lives. This is why digital tools in the classroom are becoming more and more crucial. The traditional methods of teaching are already going through a […]

How Technology Has Improved Education

Educational Technology (EDTech) has proven to be a helpful tool. Technology-based projects have inspired students to think and collaborate as opposed to memorizing, whether they’re using the web for research or to correspond with other students or experts who are not physically present. Education doesn’t stop toward the finish of the school day. Students can […]

4 Educational Tools That Can Help Students In Writing Activities

  Here are Educational applications that can help students to improve their writing and enhance their written communication skills. They will help them with key areas of writing such as spelling, grammar, lexicon, paragraphing and many more.   EXPRESSO: It’s a tool that helps in editing texts and improving writing style. It will teach you […]

How To Make Tech To Work In Nigerian Schools

Most of the schools in the country are pushing towards the fourth industrial revolution which is the introduction of technology related subjects to schools in a bid to achieve this we have seen several organizations like Online Hub Educational Services reaching out to these schools to train the students and educators in these aspects.  These […]

How To Use Google Sheets To Make Report Cards

It is the beginning of a new session. As innovative educators it is best to look out for ways to make learning more fun and teaching more effective. One of the ways we can improve on our content delivery is to incorporate technology in our teaching process. Technological tools can make your life as a […]