Don’t Be A Victim Of NotPetya – What You Can Do About The Latest Cyber Threat?

While still recovering from the outbreak of WannaCry, as predicted, the next big attack is happening right now. Called NotPetya, this cyber-weapon’s intent is to wreak chaos and havoc!

On June 27th 2017, this new threat attacked thousands of computers around the globe and wiped everything off their disks. NotPetya is a destructive wiper malware, with the sole aim of destroying your data in such a way that the possibility of recovering your files is minimal. Companies and agencies around the world, including Ukraine, Russia, USA, parts of Europe, Asia and Australia, have been victim to the attack and might never be able to recover their data.

What can you do to safeguard against this latest global cyber threat?

With our brand new course – NotPetya Cyber Attack, you can guard yourself, family and work colleagues against this virus by studying and sharing this course. This course will teach you how the virus has been spread, the consequences when it takes hold of a network, and what you can do to prevent an attack. If your computer has already been infected, you will learn about the potential solutions that may be able to assist you in restoring your device.

Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility. So protect yourself and others, and spread awareness! Enrol today and start learning.

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